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Sup Guys!!!!




In Embracing the month of Christmas we are happy to announce that if the the Online Count Reach 250 we will be delivering 5 eCash to all after 24hrs from now.

Admins will be checking the online count tomorrow @8PM 03Dec2018!



 CS Bet System is now active.

-40 minutes before our Castle Siege Point System, a pop-up window will show for you to input the type of bet are you wanting on, ex. (Cash Points or Black Pet).

*Winners Takes ALL!

*All exceeding bet will be automatically REFUNDED.



GS Ver 2.31.46

-No More IMBA combos.

-Our Automated Filtering/Monitoring GS is set to 3 combos per Sec. (No More 10 Combos)


Work in Schedule tomorrow.

Monthly Event Winners from the October/November.

Tier 5 Ancients/Socketed in Progress.

LOT drops update.



-SEASON 8 WINGS $350 license from our Server Provider. More Improvements to come!


More server setting News Update will be release afterwards.



Lemurios and GMU Team


Topic: Additional Updater

Zodiac Games - GMU Updater is now Online and available @ our website download section.

*CRC - Checking for Edited/Modded Files
*Full Check - Checking Encrypted or Protected files from Server Side
*Added 4 Sliding Section Clickable to redirect to News/Faqs/Register/Top Players
*Added Seasonal Backgrounds
*Fast http/https Response update connections.

Extract using Winrar/Winzip on this file in the directory Client location of Grudge MU Installation. It is self functional without any help of DLL etc. All you need to do is extract it along within the old Client folder for updates to overlay the updating files.

Download Link:

On our Game News we will make an anouncement on the versions and if updates are available.


Screen Shots:

No automatic alt text available.


No automatic alt text available.


Topic: Halloween Season Update

In celebration with UNDAS 2018, here are the pre-news updaate to our game.

New Update:
-Halloween Event Activated on all channels.
-Mace Mastery is now back! (You can add now on Master Skill Tree for Blade Masters) 
*It is the anti-cs stomp from DL's
-Tier 3 Options Improved
(See attached sample of Bragii set) *All tier 3 has been revamped* [New option display will be posted on Forum ASAP] /it will be updated automatically via launcher. Just wait for the patching.

Next Update:
-Release of Ver 5 Client ( Adding Tier 4 Items which is still on progress)
-CS automated Bet System
(Before the CS starts, players can place their BET automatically and a window will pop-up displaying options for bet like (eCash/Jewels/Fenrirs)
-Auto reconnection fix
-/Offleveling System

Happy Holiday in Advance Grudgers!

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No automatic alt text available.

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Lemurios and GMU Team

Greetings Grudgers!

Topic: New Castle Siege System Gameplay!

Image may contain: text

We are proud to deliver that we will now be enjoying the New Castle Siege War Points Accumulation System.

We will now have the enjoyment to play More Killing Time in Siege Warfare, and here are the details


- Points When Success Seal
- Passive Points Defending Crown
- Kill Poits of Guild Master Inside Castle Throne
- Last Minute Seal Bonus
-Auto Announce Guild Masster Success Switch
-Auto Announce Success Switches
-Auto Announce Alliance War Points Every Minutes

As our community gets bigger, all will be possible with all your support!!!


Game Update v23.10.18


Topic: Halloween Season Exclusive Update!

No automatic alt text available.

Its been a while from the last updates due to some personal experiences happened to your Main Admin, but now, together with the GMU Team, we are going to make a thing worth playing Grudge MU Server. Please be guided with this news updates.

1. New Freebies System
-All characters has now been set with:
TIER 2 Devil Sets : +15+FO+ANCiENT 
Valid for 14days.
(New Meta Purpose)
A new group of Guilds are currently waiting to join us and enjoy the community and as well as to be part of our Team participating the "Royal Clash Event" this December

Anyone can now enjoy the new freebies with the new comers and then it will serve to them to compete instantly among the old players. It will also help them to serve in hunting for Permanent Items which will be added to our season Drops to acquire permanent Uber Tier Sets Etc . .

2. Halloween Season (The Jack O Lantern)
Please See Post Photos for Guides
(C) WebZen for it.

3. Drops Implementation New Meta
(To be detailed Later today)

4. The coming back of Admin TheLegacy

5. GMU #1

Thanks for all the Loyalist

We will keep in improving!


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Image may contain: 1 person, text

Maintenance 14/10/2018


* Dissolution Token Activated
* Can now use TAB on login box to input User & Pass
* 3D Camera Feature Added Press F9 to Activate

- Use Mouse Scroll to Control 3D Rotation

Please Run Green Auto Updater to Get Your Client Updated!

Thanks, posted by Admin Nocturnal..

Regards, Asst. Admin Aibagam

Sup Grudgers!!!

Topic: Short Announcement


1. Tracing Support 
-We would like to announce that Grudge MU tracing support is now online and has been activated by our Server Files provider. Infos:
*Account Info
*All Chats Logs
*Trade Logs
*Cheat Logs
*Server Login Logs
*List Credit History

2. Elevation DissolutionToken
-It will be live on normal server Channel 6 on October 10, 2018

3. Land of Trials Drop

-Added Tier 1 Ancient on drops and increased MOBS and spots

No automatic alt text available.

GMU Staff Team

Sup Grudgers!

Topic: Summary List of the Update 10.01.18


We would like to announce in details the information of the Good outcome of our Maintenance Update today. We did made some good alternatives to make Grudge Player enjoy the game and to have in value the currency and jewels in game as well as to hunt to their desired gears to combat and compete with other players.


1. Normal Servers (Channel 1/2/3)

These server channels was lately declaired as level up channels for 1 and 2, and for channel 3 is for PVP and Market Server. Now, it will stay as it is, however, we did some adjustment mostly on the most important part of the game Gears Upgrades and Looting since we are now on the 3rd Month of Revival. Here are the information as follows.

  • Implemented 80% multiplier based on chaos mix rate and drop rate.

Ex for Wing Upgrades/Mix:

WingMixLvl1Rate = 80/100

WingMixLvl2Rate = 70/100

WingMixLvl3Rate = 60/100

  • Accumulation for Free Xshop Buffs (PcPoints) Guide (All Server Channel)

Lately many of the new comers dont know about the offtrade system. This system gives you 20PcPoints actively every 120 minutes from the activation of offtrade market which enables you to mine your PcPoints without the expense used of electricity. Dont Just Logout your character but leave a Valid For Sale Items instead and the same are earning PcPoints to purchase Cash Shop Buffs.

Note: Strictly No Unnecessary Tags or Titled Personal Store, it be subjected for account/character suspension. (refer to old post from site for guide)


  •  Kundun Drops Ancient and/or Random Drop

Channel 1/2/3/4(Elite) = 3 Items Drop *random (NonExce)

Channel 5(VIP) = 3 Items Drop *50% Exce (3 Max Opt/FO by events announced weekly)

(An exclusive free VIP membership access for Castle Siege Holder for 7 Days: Max 10 members)


  • Lucky Item Drop Rate

Channel 4 (Elite)

*4 Exc Option Drop Random

*75% success rate if dur. is 255 for adding YO

*60% success rate if dur is below 255 for adding YO

*-50% dur. deduction from Fenrirs Attack

(Legend: dur=durability)

*65% Item Luck Rate

*6/7 MaxJolOpt

Warning when Durability will be 0 (Zero) you will lost your Lucky Item / Tier 2


  • Channel 5 (VIP)

*5 Exc Option Drop Random

*75% success rate if dur. is 255 for adding YO

*60% success rate if dur is below 255 for adding YO

*-50% dur. deduction from Fenrirs Attack

(Legend: dur=durability)

*75% Item Luck Rate

*7/7 MaxJolOpt

Warning when Durability will be 0 (Zero) you will lost your Lucky Item / Tier 2


  • VIP Channel All Map Item Drop

*Excellent Rate is now having a chance of 50/100 Chance Rate Globally all maps. (5/100 for Elite Server)

*Random Option (Max 3) (FO for Events Weekly/ To be announced)

*1/15 Level Drop

Note: How to gain more chances of droping Excellent items? Answer is, have a constant and higher RESETS on your character! We have enabled (The More Resets the More Chances of Acquiring Excellent Drops)


  • Duel System Winner Benifit

-Win the Duel and Instantly Acquire 5% Additional Chance Rate for Looting Excellent Drops from Boss Events Mobs.


  • New VIP System for Swamp MAP Access!!!

-Swamp Map Access (Surprise Loots Awaits)
-Added 50% More Exp Rate 
-Automatically Additional 1 Excellent option from Drops 
ex. you loot 3opt item (normal char) for (vip) it will be auto 4optitem
-Added 10 visor drop rate for Lucky Tickets drop. (More Chances of dropping 1st / 2nd Lucky Tickets from Blood Castle and Devil Square 
-Additional 50 visor zen drop
-"5" additional drop rate for Ancient Drops

How to activate?
Simple have a balance minimum of 10 eCash/Cash Points
command in game:
" /buyvip days "
ex: you want to be VIP for 7 days, command will be
/buyvip 7
max day is 30 days.
Strictly No Refund!!!

Additonal Info: This System is Applicable for Channels 4/5 however additional manual access fee is separated for VIP channel 5. This is mainly a boost for Hunt for Elite Server and as well as VIP Channel 5.

  • New Events Activated



- Upon Successfully killing the Boss Event Monster

youll be earning (3 eCash and 20 PcPoints)

*All channels active



  • New War System Implemented


Additional Prizes for this event will be announced sooner, now you can activate your Gens Class!!!


2. Server Host Performance

-Updated Host Internal Software

-Improve Mitigation Security

-Performed Scanning VS Viruses/Malware

-Improve Anti Flood Monitoring System


Image may contain: text


Lemurios and GMU Team


Suppp Grudgers!

Topic: Website Character Verify Stats

Since we have bunch of issues recently, I allow now everyone to verify stats of any character in game by simply clicking this link

On the link provided above will redirect you to display IGN: Lemurios and will show this:

Blade Knight
Level 400
Resets 1
Grand Resets 0
Strength 32767
Agility 32767
Vitality 32767
Energy 32767
Command 0
Status Offline
To verify any character just simply change the word "Lemurios" on the link to trace any character in game.

Since we are not on stats build system it wont affect any of our game PVP. however it will add a brief security from any issues in game.


Greetings Grudgers!

Topic: Registration for VIP Channel 5


As a path to make more valuable purchase of our currency in game, we are now opening a VIP Channel where we you can have a better chances in looting your gears to compete with all the The TOP Ranking players in our community. Here are the list of the VIP Channel Exclusive Loots.

 > x2 Drop Rate % for 1st and 2nd Lucky Tickets
 > x2 Drop Rate for Tier 1 Ancients
 > Early Access to new features
 > Can earn eCash/PcPoints via killing itHigher Mobs Level
 > All server in game events unlocked 
/ Item Drop Rate
- Lucky Tickets = 7 Options / Skill / Luck
- In Game Events = GM Box / Bundled Jewels
- Gens System

How to Avail Subscriptions!

Packages and Time frame:
$5.00/30 eCash - 7 days
$9.00/50 eCash - 15 days
$13.00/75 eCash - 20 days
$20.00/120 eCash - 30 days
All winning Rewards - 3 days maxed
+ random freebies from admins (occasionally)
* Full Account Subscriptions with all Characters inside.
*Be sure to have an eCash on your account if your availing via eCash in game. (24Hrs Processing Time)
*Instant ViP for money payment. (6Hrs Processing Time or ASAP)
*No unnecessary comment on this thread our youll be banned in Forum
Format to avail via replying in this thread: 
Subscription:_________ (Days Package)
Payment Method:_____ ( Money / eCash)


Link for Activation in forum: Click me!

If Money provide screenshot of payment following our donation procedure.
Link: Donation Procedure Click Here!

For Winners from Events format via replying here:
Event Won:
Attached Screenshot/Proof: (If no proof Approach Admin)
(Will be verified by admin)



All subscribed/donated eCash or amounts will be controlled and will contributed to our server funds for the future upgrades and improvements of our gaming community.

Grudge MU Online (C) 2018 Powered by MU Engine

Suppp Grudgers!

Topic: Game Updates

As we take improvements time to time, we hear those concerns and ideas which push GMU to the best game play, and now here are some of the game updates we would like to share so that everyone will be updated to the changes. We will also updating game news announcements as well so new comers can cope up with the community game play.

1.0 Revamped PVM System 
*Server 4 PVP or the 4th Channel "Elite Server" will be the center of the communities rampant competition in game. It will be the apply of the eye and the Server of the said Elite Players to have a killing sensation channel since it contains most of the previous Battle Gear Source of the Community.
 1st and 2nd Tickets are in higher rate (same setting from the old PVM) (Blood Castle & Devil Square)
 Tier 1 Medium Rate Drops 
 Deep Loren Event Enabled
1.1 VIP Subscriptions
*VIP is now Open, to avail you need to visit forum and read the instructions on how to avail to our VIP system in channel 5. eCash/PHP/$ serves as ticket to access which is activated "manually" by admins.
See forum link:
(Link on progress...)
 x2 Drop Rate % for Lucky Tickets
 x2 Drop Rate for Tier 1 Ancients
 All server in game events unlocked (Details @ forum)
 Early Access to new features
 can earn eCash/PcPoints via PVM
 More details to be released at forum
1.2 Hunt System / PVP / Events 
* GMU community applied changes in PVM system since many already had the chance to gear up their selves easily. Now, were taking a new step of challenge to everyone to keeping an eye to their Characters Vs PKiers who no gives no mercy in competition in hunting gears.
 All Lucky Item Drops from Channels 1/2/3 is now move in Channel 4 PVP enabled.
 Channel 1/2 NON-PVP serves as level up channels and source of good jewel drops
 Channel 3 PVP Main Market Channel and PVP good drop for 380 items. 
 Channel 4 PVP Mostly Event Server from Admin(s) / Staff(s) moderate drop from previous rate for Lucky Tickets/380/Ancients
 LMS is now set only to Channel 3 and Channel 5 (VIP Server).

Effective 0000H 25th of September 2018

Image may contain: text

Thread is subjected for changes.


Suppp Bois,


Topic: Short Update + Guild War Event 23/09/18


Sup, I'd like to announce short notice update today.


1. Voting System Implemented + Rewards

*GMU Voting System is now live and is giving a chance for easy earn eCurrency for game consumption for our market system and as well as to purchase at our Cash Shop Market for a valid vote done by any player. Currently we have two TopSite Link Registered but we will be adding more and more.



*As the recent issues of scamming and hacking, we would like to remind everyone that from the beginning we have the Term of Service implemented from the start. We added it to your usercp to be more notified by any player, and also our forum has its rules as well please do read it.


3. VIP Server

-VIP Server will be opening tonight.

(I will announce later on how to avail)


4. Guild War Event 23/09/18

[email protected] this evening i will be hosting GuildWar System on each participating teams, all Participants will be automatically added to our GWar Tournament every weekend. and yes, it has a following prizes to be rewarded.





Supp Grudgers!

Here is an updated Terms of Service as a series of reminders to all our valuable players.

Please Click the logo below to be redirected.




Lemurios and Staff Team

Image result for Terms of Service png

CS Prize Tonight 21/09/18

-Winning Guild will have a chance of 10 users to have a free access to our VIP Server during the opening good for 5days.
(The Guild Master will decide to whom he'll give the chances)
-250 eCash
-x5 broken horns

all participating (main guild)
will receive 50 ecash
(Strictly Present During the CS War Siege)

GMU Team


We would like to migrate to a new official Group Official Manage by our Facebook Page and not created by a person.

For all game Concerns/Announcement/Events/Markets/Updates/and many more, will be officially sub-forumed @ our FB Group next to our Official Forum.

Click the FB Logo below:

Image result for new fb group

Supp Grudgers!!!


Topic: Recent Update 1.04.40 - 1.04.41


Its been days since the recent update with issues.

But now were glad to say that files will be stable.


Notice: If you have Game Client Version 3 installer, kindly reinstall it and then after reinstalling simply "RUN THE GREEN UPDATER."




Here is the inside patch of 1.04.40 from 1.04.30


Game Client: 1.04.40

* Inclusions Added Season 6 Ancients(Picts Posted @ Website)

* Change Skin of Dark Horse

* Added Effects Themed "Green" based from our website.

* AEO of Wiz Kill Re-modified

* Kill/Die explosion

* Skin Gold Pet (Rinosaur) Owned by: BigMoM


Game Client: 1.04.41

* Fix Auto Dc Problems

* Re Syncing Auto Updater

* Adding Tier 3 Sets

* Adding Succubus Set

* Refresh & Optimize Server


PVP Balancing:

* Added Fixed Pots Rate 0.3/s (Just Now) from 0.5/s

* RF Fixed



* Optimized Databased Defragmentation

* Security Updates

* Added Dataserver Fail Safe System

* Added Stun Control for PVP


Slicing one at a time. Feedbacks and concerns also complaints dont hesitate to PM FB page.








Supp Grudgers!!!

Topic: Game Changelog 1.04.40


Game Client:

-Inclusions Added Season 6 Ancients

-Change Skin of Dark Horse

-Added Effects Themed "Green"

-AEO of Wiz Kill Remodified


Game PVP:

-RF PVP Adjusted

-Summy PVP Adjusted


Some SS of the Game Client Patch: Season 6 Ancients


New Dark Horse Skin:


Manual Patch Click Link Below:







Supp Grudgers!!!

Topic: Limited Time Event: Road to 1000 Resets
(Event Time: Aug 25 - Sept 25, 2018)

Congratulations to IGN: PrinceHEX
For Reaching out 1st 1000+ RR in our game!

To keep the Players PVM lovers, I would like to Announce this Limited time Event!

-Reach 1000 Resets 
-Good for 3 Characters Per IP/1 Character Per Account
-Limited for 1 Month 

-Earn an additional of + 20 ML Points to your Winning Characters Skill Tree and become Supreme Over Other in building up your Skill Tree Builds.
-Earn a Red Pet Instantly.

After Claiming the Addition ML Points, if you have accidentally reset your build, we will no longer re issue the loss points. So build it wisely!!!

Enjoy your PVM in game and have an advantage in PVP.

Lemurios and Staff Team

Image may contain: text


Supp Grudgers

Topic: Dota2 Items Market into GMU Items Exchange

Conditions before approved on posting:

(Participating Parties Admins and Players)

Before posting Dota2 Items = GMU Gears, 
-10% Server ECash Payment Tax from Orig Price of Dota2 Item worth converted from PHP to EC visor = 1USD:6ec
-No GMU FB Post on Official Group exchange to Dota2 (Only Dota2 into GMU exchange) 
-Recruit Dota2 Playmate (Min of 3, will be Tax Exempted)

*We will add Forum Thread on this Matter.
(Any Games and Ideas? PM Lead Adm for Apr oval)

Recruit your Friends and lets expand our Circle of Game play in our Community.

If violation on the 1st nominated rules will be subjected to suspension of accounts.

Thread is subjected to Revision:


Supp Grudgers!!

Topic: New Pet Currency Prices in Market

Red Pet = 500 php / 58eCash
Black Pet = 1000 php / 115 eCash
Blue Pet = 1500 php / 173 eCash
Green/Gold = 3000 php / Non-Ec Price

If you notice in any Player Marketing Below the Market Price, His Pet will be on hold.

All seen IGN with Fenrils in Game will be AUDIT! 
all non chaos log combined will be penalized and hold.
And NO EXEMPTIONS TO "Drop Commanded Pets" immediately will be wiped out.

Please Reach out Lemurios for Special Verification's if you know where your pet came from, and verdict will be deliver accordingly.




No automatic alt text available.

Sup Grudgers!!!


Topic: Server is Up! / Global Rewards = Rescheduled 8:00PM Today August 17, 2018 / Server PVP Updates


We would like to say sorry for the accidental shutdown of our game servers however we took the opportunity to update our machine and about our gameplay as well.


1. PVP Update

- Darklord Damage reduced 3/10 or 4/10 (Chaotic or FireScream from being OP

-Soul Master adjusted the Defense 4/10 and Damage reduced 2/10 or 3/10

- Elf Multi Shots reduced from 1350 - 1300

- MG Dmg Increased

- RF Dmg Increased (Skill Tree is Important Build)

- Summy Weakness Debuff adjusted


2. Server Updates

-Security Essentials Updated

-Game Server Anti Inject and Platform Security Improved

-Windows Update Applied


3. Re-scheduled Global Rewards

- 8:00PM +8 GMT August 17, 2018


Were doing our best to fixed and deliver you best gameplay.

Thank you for supporting our community!!!



Lemurios and GMU Team

Supp Grudgers!!!

Topic: 15% Off to All Recent Donators and Bulk Donation Promotion!

As weve been aiming to play the Famous Castle Siege Warfare with the new MUE Feature Warpoints system with no more boring last sealing gameplay were here to announce the Fund Raising Promotions Since it Cost around $250.

Were doing our best despite of the inactivity from the recent days. Well improve to its finest to maintain the legacy we have.

Since most of the recent donators were requesting for discount, were doing it fairly without favoritism.

If your budget is out, please contact Admin Lemurios :

Lemurios FB link!

for appointment and negotiations. As we will declare your ideas of donations for we know it is for the best of our community!
Strictly No 5/6 System or Downpayment on Donation!


15% discount is exclusive from our known recent donators who help a lot in improving our game. You can now purchase 15% Off from any donation packages from:

Forum Donation List!

and also read the additional promotion given from the discount accumulation visor per donate. Visit link for more info!


Bulk Donation Request.
For a Minimum of 10 Person we will allow 15% Off for new donators each and can choose any of our donation list packages on the posted forum donation:

Forum Donation List!

Donation Promotion is Valid Only Up to August 31, 2018!!!

Lemurios and GMU Team





Image may contain: text


Sup Grudgers!


Topic: News & Server Updates July 31, 2018


News Announcement!



1.0 -Any abusive player taking advantage over other players esp. on using 3PP Cheating/Hacking is Highly Bannable!

Report any Suspicious ACT, we do detect almost every TOP players all over Rankings like LMS, your IGN and Account User name are in Listed. Shame on you cant rely on basic pure keyboard skill gaming and build!

  • -Take Videos and we will Review!
  • -1st Attempt 7 Days Ban + 2 Deleted Item Set Parts
  • -2nd Attempt Deletion of Account


2.0 - We notice Abusive Players also Playing Last Man Standing using a trick, taking GWars and then participate during the game event. If you notice this kind of player please Report to us! We will Ban and take rightful act!

  • -Take Videos and we will Review!
  • -1st Attempt 7 Days Ban + 2 Deleted Item Set Parts
  • -2nd Attempt Deletion of Chester Santiago



 Server Updates!


I was away for updates this past few days, but let me have this semi updates to be announce.


List updates are attached below:


 PVP Balancing:

  • -MG Dmg Increased 4.7 - 4.9
  • -Summy Dmg Reduced 4.5-4.0
  • -DL Fire Burst Adjusted Dmg
  • -Elf Multi- Shoot Dmg Reduced


 Anti Hack Update

  • -Chaotic Skill Detection Lowered
  • -Power Slash Skill Detection Lowered


 Website Update

  • - Added Voting System + Rewards
  • /PcPoints
  • /Ranking Monthly = Prizes ( To Announced)

Click Here!


Registration Reminders:

- User must be 4-10 Letters

- Password must be 4-10 letters as well.



 Upcoming Event!

-Top Rankings Monthly Starting Aug 01, 2013

-Road to 200 Players Online

and many more....




 Next Update:

  • -Cash Shop Items Updates
  • - New Donators Privilege Donations
  • - Gold Channel
  • -5 Star Review Event Winner(Pending)
  • -Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
  • -Forum and Game Events
  • -PK Drop Channel All Out War
  • - many more...


Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.


As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.


We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!


Best Regards,

GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios

Sup Grudgers,

Topic: Full Client Download Version 3 / New Launcher Interface / New Screen Loading / New Serverlist Released.

Its been a while since I implement updates in game, as the PVP is in good balance I did find time to change modification in Our Game Client as Legacy.

Thank you all for your support and now we will be raging back as to be the Top 1 in Season 6 Version Mid Rate Gameplay.

This Patch Release is implemented on the new Full Client V3. and as well as an automated patch will be placed on your auto updaters. We might also be releasing manual Patch as well.

 Inclusion of Latest Installer:
- Complete Note Pad Guide of Instructions to Fixed Problems on running Client.
-A .bat file to click and will redirect you to youtube to view a video guide on how to fix the game clients problem.
-A "FixGameIssues" folder containing various necessary programs to fixed your missing directories in your machine to be able to run the game completely.

It only Required one thing,

- A brain.

GMU V3 Full Client Installer Mega - Click Here!

GMU V3 Full Client Installer Mediafire - Click Here!

Manual Patch - Click Here for Changelog 1.04.33!

### All GFX editing is made by me ###

!!! I'm also looking for talented GFXer with experienced in editing in all aspects!!!

 Game Updates:

- Updated LOT Drops with Excellent Items and Lucky Tickets in good Drop Rate.
(A Poll will be online today here on FB Group with regards to the LOT suitable drops)

-Adjusted Speed Hack Detection's causing random DC issues on characters.

 Next Update:
- 12 Hours Voting System for eCash/PcPoints
-5 Star Review Event Winner(Pending)
-Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
-Forum and Game Events
-PK Drop Channel All Out War
- many more...

Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.

As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.

We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!


Image may contain: text


Image may contain: text


Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Head Admin Lemurios

Sup Grudgers!

Topic: Server Updates July 18-20, 2018

Im here to announce the complete details of the server happening from the recent days. And we the GMU Staff Team would like to Thank the Players who help me to improve specially to our PVP balancing system.

List updates are attached below:

 Weekly Top Event Close
-The event will have a relaunching and it will be a monthly based Top Rankings.
However the late 2nd Week Result TOP 50 will still be the based for ranking counting afterwards
the event is scheduled to relaunch this August 1, 2018

 Automated eCah Donation on website Enabled.
-You can now enjoy and take automated eCash donation via paypal
-It has a system logs so we can trace everything
-After successful process donation it will add eCash automatically to you account
***Hot Price 1$=6eCash

 Anti Cheat System Update
-Anti Speed Hack Detection Sensitivity Set to Highest
-Auto DC when exceeding the Speed in the Limiter
-MUGuard Hearbeat Check every 15 Seconds
-Teleportation Hack Distance Set to 60/100
-*DC Hack Exploit Fixed
//Disabled Special Character in game chat.
* CRC Checks Added

 Summy Class Fixed PVP 
-CalcAttackSkillDmg Increased 15%
-Decreased DMG Reflect buff by 5000%
-Added Defense 10%

 Magic Gladiator Class Fixed PVP 
-Decreased Based DMG by 35%
-Added Defense 5%

 Account Lock enable
-command: /autolock ON

 Drop of Land Of Trials 
.-Random Excellent Items
-Jewel of Elevation to fix Lucky Sets

 Next Update:
-5 Star Review Event Winner(Pending)
-Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
-Forum and Game Events
-PK Drop Channel All Out War
- many more...

Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.

As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.

We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!

Click Me to Download Manual Patch!

Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios

Winners for 1st Week July 15, 2018

2 steiN
4 KanekiKen
5 XxBKxX

1 PrinceHEX
2 LeveIUp
3 Kidapawan
3 BlackBird

1 steiN = 181
2 AEMaldita = 148
3 Abusuyop = 142
4 CapsLock = 141


Congratulations Winners!

Sup Grudgers!

Topic: Server Update;s July 15-17, 2018

We keep improving day by day as take a peak online of hundreds and all this thing was possible because of your support in the community. Below info's are the list of our progress from July 15-17,2018.

 Dark Lord Class Fixed PVP 
-CalcAttackSkillDmg Increased 15%
-Increase FireBurst Based DMG by 30%
-Added Defense 10%
-Fixed Lock 32767 Stats

Blade Master Class Fixed PVP 
-Increased Based DMG by 15%

Wizard Class Fixed PVP 
-CalcAttackSkillDmg Lowered by 70%
-MSEne Based Added Increase Mana Shield x60%
-MSAgi Based Reduced 85%
-Ice Storm Default Dmg Improve

Elf Class Fixed PVP (Can Now Compete in Other Class)
-CalcAttackSkillDmg Increased by 3
-CalcAttackDmg Increased by 80%
-Improve Multi Shot Dmg by 300%
-Elf Defense Increase by 45%

Top Weekly change the frame event to Top Monthly
-Prizes will be better (To Announce)

Website Protection Set to Highest

Next Update:
-Drop of Land Of Trials 
-5 Star Review Event Winner(Pending)
-Drop of Jewel of Elevation to fix Lucky Sets
-Magic Gladiator // Summoner Balancing
-Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
-Forum and Game Events
-PK Drop Channel All Out War
- many more...

Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.

As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.

We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!

Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios

Sup Grudgers!

Topic: Server Updates 14/07/18

Were sorry for the sudden server reboot for today as we need to install new updates on our machine for the improvement of its performance and as well us to our host securities. Also we would like to announce some of our improvement to this whole day of work.

a?????Server Windows Machine Update Successfully Completed
a?????Server Host Security Feature Set to High Settings
a?????DDOS Mitigation Performance is Set to Best Protection
a?????Added ePoints to Weekly Winners
a?????Adding Gift Sets to Donators (On Going)

a?????RF Class Fixed:
-RF Life Multiplier Set added 4 Upgrade Points
-RF Defense Multiplier Set added 4 Upgrade Points
-RF Damage Reduce by -0.300
-IgnoreDefenceEneDiv Set to Default

a?????Next Update:
-Magic Gladiator and Elf Class
-Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
-Forum and Game Events
-PK Drop Channel All Out War
- many more.

Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.

As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.

We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!

Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios

Winners for 1st Week July 8, 2018

TOP PVP Last Man Standing

Class Character Times Won
1 Lord Emperor DLwerxxx 3
2 Lord Emperor Lucius 3
3 Blade Master MOSTWANTED 3
4 Blade Master steiN 3
5 Blade Master DFLY 3

Top Reset

Class Character Resets
1 Duel Master PrinceHEX 452
2 Duel Master Betelgeuse 416
3 Duel Master BlackBird 372
4 Blade Master Kidapawan 241
5 Dimension Master LeveIUp 235


Top Online 

Class Character Total Online Time
1 High Elf AEMaldita 557 Hours
2 Grand Master CapsLock 520 Hours
3 Fist Master Abusuyop 444 Hours
4 Duel Master MGikong 412 Hours
5 Duel Master SHAKEnBAKE 397 Hours

Full List of July 8, 2018


Congratulations Winners!


Greetings Grudgers!

Topic: Todays Updates.

Its been a busy day for our server events as we did brought another step for a better gaming experience in Grudge MU. This was all became possible from the support and understanding with patience to all our players, specially to our donators.

Our Gaming Latency is Centered for USA Regions, Europe and Asia as well which will give a good competitive connection.

Changelogs 1.04.31:

 Migration to Dedicated OVH Server Machine Completed.

  •  Connected to 10 GB Port Speed Network.
  •  Anti DDOS Mitigation Improved.

Added Email Support System in Game

  • It will directly appear to your inbox email like "Gmail/YahooMail/Etc" which you have registered upon creating your accounts.

Added New Interface for MU Launcher

  •  Increased performance for Error Issues.

Game Fixes:

  • HP Party from BK to all class which was too high.
  • BK's Life adjusted.
  •  DL Damage Multiplier was adjusted.
  •  MG & Elf to added adjusment damage.
  •  Adjusted Jewel drops bless/soul
  •  Added drop LOT JOG

Event News:
 5 Star Review Comment Ended.

  • Event winner can be seen on this link titled below just click it.


Top Weekly Rank 5 Event (Revised)



Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios


Click Me to Visit Full Details!


GrudgeMU Community Forum - Powered by vBulletin

Sup Grudgers!

Todays Update:

-Filtered Words Disabled 
-Ban Hammer Case solved

*Players to Players can now freely express their grudge towards their opponents, trashtalk them without limits.
(Exemption Applies to Grudge Staff Teams)
*Banned Hammer Issue has been solve. all accounts will be restored provided the illegal items will be seized.

More updates are coming enjoy!


Image result for trash talk

Giving a Banned Appeal for Accounts listed as follows:


Above written account names will be on hold for the reason of confirmation and recreation of the Anomaly made by account "darren123" the case has been suspected from one of the high staffs who leaked the web based item creator credentials, but we were able to fixed the problem and the suspected person. All item creator and drop commands has been disable from certain staff. For the above listed name join the Banned Appeal Group Chat for the clarification of admins and to further solve the case.


Upon joining we don't want to take foolish reasons since we have a suspect already, couple of questions will be ask and answer honestly or else all your IP linked account will be banned.

Joined Messenger Appeal:

Click me!

Case Detailed Trade logs:

Click me!

Image result for Banned hammer

Visual Bug on Evil Items now Showing Name is Now Fixed!


Please Run Your Auto Updater.


Thank You,


New Update !

* RF Beast Uppercut Temporarily Disabled due to DC Issue
* MG Mana Fixed
* Lucky Tickets 1 Removed from Boss Raids and Lucky 2 Should Drop Instead
* Elevation Dissolution Token To Remove Yellow Option from Lucky Items Added
* Elevation Dissulution Token Added Drop to Boss Raid
* BOK+5 Drop from Golden Tantalos Improved
- All Rings & Pendant Chances +0 to +15 with 1 to Full Option Chance
- All 380 Sets and Weapons Added Chances +0 to +1 with 1 to Full Options Chance
* Golden Tantalos HP & Damage Buffed by 350%

Happy Farming and Enjoy Gaming Guys !

Dear GRUDGE MUTizens!

We will be having an hour server maintenance from our main data server today @ 17:00 Hours GMT +8 - June 12, 2018.

Recent Server Update: - Added Server 2 NON PVP Server 


Dear G-MUTizens,

Official Torch Burning Opening was set today!

Patch Notice:
-Website is now fully synchronize with our game
-Unofficial Client Release for Players
-Server files Game/Account Security Applied
-Mitigation of server and database tested

Spread the News to your mates, and Lets make MU AWESOME like it was before! 
This is GRUDGE MU Legacy!

Best Regards,

Dear Grudge MUtizens,

All servers are online now, however, we will be announcing our Grand Opening after the test period which is currently being carried by our staff team. Some details of Grudge MU is stated below:

Premium Mu Engine Files
Dedicated Hosting from MuEngine Cloud
Unique MuEngine Features
Bugless and Super Stable Server
Long Term Assurance
Well Experience Developer and Management Team

Server Information will be announce later today!

Best Regards,
Asst.Developer - MuEngineCloud

Link: Facebook Page


Image may contain: night and text

Image may contain: people sitting, screen and laptop

GrudgeMU - Season 6 | Legacy Server


Many old school players here knows this server well, The Community, Quality of Game & Service are truly unmatched!

This Server was later on absorbed by Zhyper Network Merge and proceeded with Season 8 & Future Updates.

Our goal is to rebuild GrudgeMU & its glory by staying with Season 6 Legacy permanently.

This is the last Season (S6) of MU without Elementals.

The server objective is to Unite all Season 6 Players in a server where long term service and quality is guaranteed.

This server will be community based and absolute player driven environment & economy.

But we are still open to suggestions, we would love to hear some brilliant ideas from you !

Thank You,

Exp: 5000x
Exp ML: 1000x
Reset: 2000 Points Per Reset
Reset Type: Keep Stats
Max Stats: 32k
Max MasterLevel: 220
FB Page:
FB Group:

GrudgeMU Team

Account Login forgot your password?

Server Status

Total Accounts4,648
Total Characters9,095
Total Guilds160
Users Online 24H Counter204

Servers Online


Server Information

Powered by:MuEnginePremium
Hosted by:MuEngine Cloud
ML Experience:x1000
Master Level:220
Max Excellent :7 Options
Max Socket:3 (Tri-Sphere)
Chaos Machine:Webzen Default
PVP Settings:[email protected]
Game PlayPVP/PVM
Reset System:Keep Stat
Castle Siege:Every Fridays, 8-10 PM

Grudge MU Staff Team

Asst. AdminAibagam
Game MasterDionysussGreYBacK


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